Almost nine months into the project the MICADO consortium gathered in Paris for the first General Meeting, not only the partners were present but also the External Advisory Board, whom members attended the open session during the second day of works and two invited guests, Denise Ricard, Project Coordinator of the H2020 Chance Project and Herve Toubon, R&D and Innovation Director of Orano Mining chez Orano and Orano Fellow in Nuclear Physics and Instrumentation.

The meeting started February 4th at the ORANO offices in Chatillon (FR) with all partners present. All WP leaders reported about the status of the work of the first months of the project (all public material is downloadable from this website) and interesting cross-WP discussions arose

The project is on track and on some tasks even ahead of schedule, overall the review of all activities gave very positive signals and sparks for the near future evolution. After the meeting in Paris part of the attendees went to visit the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in La Hague, one of the most important in the World of its kind with a reprocess capacity of nearly 1700 tons per year.