MICADO Summary

The goal of the MICADO project is to propose a cost-effective solution for non-destructing characterization of nuclear waste, implementing a digitization process that could become a referenced standard facilitating and harmonizing the methodology used for the in-field Waste Management and Dismantling & Decommissioning operations.

The D&D process of nuclear infrastructures demands methods for a full traceability of waste material to improve quality management and operational safety. Precise procedures provide twofold benefits: the optimization of costs, associated with D&D, and the minimization of the dose exposure to operators and personnel. The absence of a consistent and straightforward solution to characterize all types of materials, along with the lack of an integrated solution for digitizing the enormous amount of data produced, is a critical issue. Now the systems rely on the operator’s ability to maintain high operational skills and quality assurance with precision measurements that unfortunately today very often are associating high uncertainties not allowing therefore a real optimization of the waste.