After the 2021 MICADO first periodic review, and the unfortunate events of the Covid pandemic, the MICADO consortium gathered again online second General Meeting. 

The event was initially planned to be mixed with both online and in person attendance, it was supposed to happen in Southern France at Cadarache, where one of the partners is located. Eventually, given the rise of covid cases across Europe and the difficulties to travel, it was decided to be hosted only online. 

Nonetheless the attendance was high, during the consortium meeting all partners were present, mutually, and fruitfully exchanging information. The open day saw the presence of all partners, various stakeholders, and EU officers, of course the MICADO External Advisory Board, and moreover other European projects with focus on nuclear decommissioning & waste management: PREDISEURADCHANCECLEANDEM and SHARE. 

The status of the project was shown and appreciated by all participants, despite the difficulties related to the covid restrictions and other issues like the World logistic crisis, the project moved on at a good pace across the last year, and new results were shown. Nevertheless, there is still a long way forward before the final demo, and another General Meeting is being planned for May 2022 hopefully in presence.