A group of seven experts was enrolled to monitor and help the MICADO consortium to steer the project and better exploit it outcomes.
The seven experts are:

  • Dr. Giovanni Battista Bruna, International Nuclear Expert, EAB MICADO Chairman
  • Dr. Alessandro Dodaro,  President, Nucleco
  • Dr. Paolo Peerani, Unit head nuclear decommissioning unit, JRC
  • Dr. Frederck Plas, Head of R&D Division, ANDRA
  • Dr. Philippe Renault, General Director, SwissNuclear
  • Prof. Marco Ripani, INFN-E coordinator, INFN
  • Prof. Abdallah Lyoussi, Coordinator CEA du LIMMEX & Professor INSTN

The seven international experts were selected by the MICADO consortium during the kick-off meeting. All of them are working in key sectors of nuclear measurements and waste management, all of them accepted the nomination to the EAB group.
The first EAB meeting was held at the beginning of September where the MICADO project was introduced and their role in the project was laid down. They also have elected Dr. Bruna as EAB Chairman.
The MICADO Consortium is glad to have this group of experts in the project and want to wish a welcome on-board!