The Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro or INAIL (‘National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work’) is the Italian authority appointed to monitor and authorize the activities concerning ionizing radiation sources. Recently INAIL is interested to update the procedures for handling industrial high activity sources to ameliorate safety procedures for workers, improve their traceability and reduce the residual risk of errors. .

MICADO is cited as an example of automatized and digitalized procedure to monitor in all steps of the process all the item under investigation. This dematerialization of information has many pros and INAIL points out how, thanks to automatized procedures, it would be possible to follow almost in real time the radioactive source in both location and usage. Another advantage lies in the RFID tagging infrastructure supported by MICADO, enabling the possibility to measure and read the tag online, thanks to the RadHand.

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