MICADO took part in the first PREDIS workshop public session, it was a very useful occasion to exchange our experiences and present our work.

MICADO is looking forward for a deeper connection with PREDIS and the other EU projects on handling of nuclear waste.

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About PREDIS Project

The PREDIS project is the outcome of the EURATOM NFRP-2019-2020-10 RIA call “Developing pre-disposal activities identified in the scope of the European Joint Programme in Radioactive Waste Management” (September 2019). The PREDIS project started 1.9.2020 with four years duration. The consortium includes 47 partners from 18 Member States. The overall budget of the project is 23.7 M€, with EC contribution of 14 M€.

The PREDIS project develops and increases the Technological Readiness Level of treatment and conditioning methodologies for wastes for which no adequate or industrially mature solutions are currently available, including metallic materials, liquid organic waste and solid organic waste.