On October 22nd and 23rd 2020, MICADO took part on a 2-days workshop on international best-practices in nuclear Decommissioning organized by the SHARE project.
During these two days, participants covered 8 domains: safety and radiological protection, management and costing (including digital tools), human resources management, characterization during Decommissioning, site preparatory activities, dismantling, environmental remediation & site release and waste management.
The goal was to share progresses and look together at possible ways for a deeper collaboration to complete missing information.

Public material presented during this workshop can be seen at:


About SHARE Project – A road map for Research in Decommissioning

The decommissioning process of nuclear facilities raises concerns related to safety, costs and potential environmental hazards. The EU-funded SHARE project will offer comprehensive guidelines for research allowing stakeholders to address threats and challenges, decrease costs, and improve safety. The project intends to increase confidence in the decommissioning process and support policymakers to determine areas eligible for a financial contribution. In addition, it will encourage synergies between stakeholders and other international foundations and will attract research institutions. A gap analysis will compare the desired goals with the actual situation and a strategic research agenda (SRA) will be created to determine key research goals targeting actions in which stakeholders’ participation is possible, starting with a road map in the 10-15 years.